I’ve been a Real Rose

Thornless roses are almost in whole without thorns. They are ideal when you wish to come closer. “Handling” is practically made painless.

Warm coloured smiles are pouring out in my bosoms, when I recall everything that happened. During mornings, nights, you’ve been hugging, fondling and kissing me: „Let it go, those who have nothing to say to each other are speaking.“ You’ve pronounced a simple recipe, but also the one by which is rarely cooked at every moment. And it’s so simply perfect.

I’ve grown up into flower that everlasts and my name is Everlasting. Droplets from your velvet lips built a nest in my soft petals. You are my root and my grounding. You are the one who showed me I’m no longer a Rose. You remember, I’m sure you remember when my thorns lost their sharpness. No, you didn’t plucked them, you didn’t pulled them out. You’ve rounded them, and they grown together with stalk.

“Wake up, we’ve managed to lower your too high temperature.”

“Was it all just a dream?”

“Who may know, you’ve been talking about things, like somebody has been a part of you, everything was so vivid.”

“He’s real.”

I love You and You love me.

Source text in Serbian: Bila sam prava Ruža
Translation: Retka Zverka (Rare Beast)